My Dear Sweet heart, I am loving you today, more than I loved you yesterday. Every passing minute brings me a little closer to you new feelings start In my heart for you, wishing I was close by Instead of being miles away. Just to hold you In my arms, and tell you that I love you I wish that I could be near by when you are feeling sick; or just to hold you If you are sad and blue, Give you some comfort and love to show you that I care watch the sunsets with you, upon those cliffs of the sea be there and be with you till the sun rise the very next day. My Dear Sweet Heart.

Dear Valentine, I love you. We’re just like the couple In the Notebook! Except you would never dangle from a ferris wheel to get me to go out with you. And we never go on adventures. I’ve never ridden on the back of your bike or gone and when I was sick last month you definitely didn’t It read to me or even cuddle me, because of all the phlegm F**k you. But I love You.