Faith hard work and a bit of common sense will get you through most things In life.

May the New Year bring you dizzying levels of success and joy. Wishing you nothing but the best of times ahead.

New Year. New Feels. New Breath. New Chances. Same Dreams, fresh starts. I dare you to believe in yourself. You deserve all things magic.

May this New Year Bring you all the success and cheer, and give a rocking start to the coming year, wish you a very happy New Year!

Leave behind the day as its gone The year has also passed by Look at that wonderful sky All the fireworks that begin To see how things are just fine To see a new beginning for you to many answers you find happy new year to you! May this year be great for you!

Before I get drunk, dance on the bar, lose my phone, get naked and get arrested, Let me wish you Happy New Year.