One more beautiful year have passed in the journey of knowing myself. Life is awesome, so am I.

I’m mature enough to realize that I’m still a child. Happy birthday to myself. Still a long way to go!

The more birthdays I have in my life, the more deeply I fall in love with myself. Who said numbers don’t matter?

One more year have been successfully completed. Its happy birthday to me today. God bless me!

Happy birthday to myself, May the lord help me live a life that glorifies him and showcase his goodness.

I am a living testimony of God grace and may this new age usher in the fulfillment of God plan in my life.

Father Lord I thank you for making me to clock a new age and find your mercies in every area of my life.

My happiness knows no limit, my gratitude to God has no end and I feel so glad to be granted the grace to see another happy birthday. Top 50 ‘Happy Birthday Friend’ Wishes