Congratulations on your lucky day. Today you are one year wiser and one year closer to retiring. “Happy birthday.”

“Creating a great career is less about degrees and achievements, and more about creating great working relationships with the people around you. This, is what I have learnt in working with helpful colleagues like you. Happy birthday.”

“Getting to work with someone as awesome as me should be the only birthday present you need, and it even lasts all year long.”

“Happy birthday to an amazing colleague and a shining personality who brightens up our workdays.”

“Happy birthday to my favorite co-worker. I wish you to have a great celebration today and even greater promotion this year.”

“Happy birthday. You are a great coworker and a great friend.”

How hard you work today will be directly proportional to how hard we make you party tonight. Happy birthday.”

“I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Happy birthday.”

“I feel grateful to work with such a professional co-worker like you. On your birthday, wishes and blessings so that all your dreams come true. Have a blissful day, have a happiest birthday.”