I can’t Imagine a life without you In It. I want to grow old with you. Lets spend the rest of our lives together.

You’re the star that twinkles at night, the breeze that makes things feel right. You’re the sunshine that drives blues away, the beat that makes my heart beat every day… will you merry me?

Marriage Proposal Messages.
Love brings us closer to each other. We fight, but we love, it is our relation. Do you want to continue this for the lifetime? I want to start a life being together. Will you marry me?

I Love You. If I could give you any gift, I’d give you love and laughter a peaceful heart, a special dream and joy forever after. Let me do so, please!

I love the way you are; I love the way you speak; be my around and I don’t need anything else. Just place me in your heart and never let me go; love me with all your emotion and I will always be with you.