I wish I were kissing you Instead of missing you.

Happiness Is an unplanned first kiss.

Drink Russian, drive German, wear Italian, Kiss French.

When you are with me, sometimes I forget to breathe to get from you.

Kiss me If I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

She laughed when I tried to kiss her. I laughed when she tried to escape.

Smile. It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.

French kissing. Voulez vous coucher avec mo ice soir. Le moooooooo.

If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next..

Loving you Is fun. And I also love touching your butt.

Kiss me a lot, touch me all over. And lick me In my special spot.

The biggest step In any relationship Isn’t the first kiss.. It’s the first fart.

I don’t want to kiss her, but i want to tell her how beautiful she Is.. Happy Kiss Day.