You know that rule you have about not drinking in the workplace. Well as its your Birthday we thought we’d break it. Have a great one! I know we will!

Wasn’t sure if we were doing presents or not, so mine might be a little late, I know what you’re thinking: “Typical”! Happy Birthday.

We may have failed to get that contract you wanted, but we did manage to get you that cake you love! You see the world has a way of balancing things out. Happy Birthday.

In the spirit of celebration I’ve decided to take all of my holiday leave for the next couple of weeks. Cheers and Happy Birthday!

I tell all my friends I have the best boss in the world, you know why? It’s not just because you rarely shout, it’s not just because you give us all easy time off when thing get rough and it’s not just the fact that you’re a great mentor. It’s mainly because you fill us all with hope, I mean if you can do it, anyone can! Happy Birthday.

Alan from accounts said the company provided us a budget we could put behind the bar tonight! But we all agree you need to cut back, so instead we thought we’d donate the fund to a charity you would love in your name. Your photo of a Panda should arrive in mail soon, enjoy! Happy Birthday.