To my superhero. Thank you for carrying me on your shoulders to life me up and supporting me all the way. Thank you, big brother. Happy Birthday!

I wish that God shall bless you on this day with all your dreams coming true. You deserve it, big bro! Wonderful Birthday!

Despite you picking on me growing up, you were always my hero. Best Birthday, Big Brother!

You are my favorite brother. Not because you are my only brother and older and bigger, too, it’s because you’re awesome. Wonderful bday, bro!

Thanks for being there for me. For driving me to parties I wasn’t old enough to go to and staying with me so nothing bad happens. You are my guide to the real world. Thank you big brother!

Luck has nothing to do with your success. You’re a hardworking example for your younger siblings and someone they can constantly look up to. To our big brother, Best Bday!

Thanks for giving me a great childhood. To my older brother who is like my parent, it was a pleasure. Best Bday!