Happy birthday, lovely sister. May God make you attain greater heights. Amen.

I’m so happy you’re alive to celebrate another year, after the accident. May God perfect your healing. Happy birthday.

My sister is the most amazing person on earth. She loves and cares for me so much. I can’t thank you enough, Sis. Happy birthday to you.

I must say, God has done me well, by giving me a good sister like you. Thanks for all the love and sacrifices. I won’t forget them. Happy birthday.

May God grant all your heart’s desires, and make you stay happy with them. Happy birthday, sis.

Happy birthday to a sister who sets her goals very high, and makes sure she achieves them. May God not stop helping you.

May you keep growing and aging forwards. Happy birthday, my sister.

You’re the best sister ever. Thank you for getting my back always. Happy birthday to you.