The most used dog breeds each have possible health problems which are typical to the breed of theirs.

Below are 5 breeds and their generally associated health issues. This’s not an exhaustive list and must certainly not be utilized as a guide for the diagnosis of health problems in the dog of yours. Any suspected health issue must be correctly diagnosed and handled by a veterinary specialist.

German Shepherds

Whilst it’s a lot more commonly known that this active and smart breed need a great deal of exercise and stimulation to keep them in good quality, they’re also susceptible to the following conditions:

Keratitis – This’s a condition of the cornea of German Shepherds and the eye are far more susceptible to the affliction than a lot of breeds of dog.

Health concerns typical to Jack Russell’s include:


This affectionate and smart breed benefits highly from a large amount of physical exercise and this helps to maintain their weight down which highly contributes to staying away from the cardiovascular problems normally observed in overweight retrievers.

Other health concerns connected with Labrador Retrievers include:

Lhasa Apso

These beautiful little dogs need a regular grooming regimen to stay away from tangles and connected fur problems.

Health problems typical to the Lhasa Apso include: