“Country Folk Livin”

“Country Critters”

As a boy, growing up in the land, we’d different sort of Critters. What’s a Critter… you may be asking yourself? Critters… will be a little animal… LOL… but Critters may be a bit different than your regular dog or perhaps cat.

Additionally, around the home, we’d cats and dogs through the years.

Mutts had been mixed dogs, 2 or perhaps 3 distinct breeds in one,..


I am not certain what else Bear was blended with… probable some sort of Shepherd, though Bear was an excellent dog. Bear was the single dog, which had real manners… he’d constantly wear the bathroom… in the back best corner of the backyard.

Country Livin… was Great, having the ability to have your own personal Critters… LOL

Thru the years, we’d 2 Ponies, labels were “Trigger” and “Rusty”. Sadly, they each had to be set down, because each fell in the creek of ours, breaking the leg of theirs.

We additionally had Goats through the seasons,.. Snowflake was solid white color in color, and was a very good Nanny goat (Girl Goat). Smelly”…


And so, about this time,.. Dad said, that Sausage arrived from Curly… not one of us kid ‘s sought some Sausage that morning… LOL.