Food Motivated Dog Aggression

Is it situation familiar to you?

In case it’s, you’re not alone. And thinking about this, it is no huge surprise.

And in case you do not, as well as attempt to prise the deal with from the mouth of his, he might bite and then you absolutely give up. This implies he’s learnt he’s the strength to win in this particular circumstance. And No – the solution isn’t to challenge him even further – you’ll get bitten as well as the dog will not discover something other than to bite harder and quicker.

So what must you do?

Fire Fighting

In the temporary (while you retrain Rover) do not place temptation in the way of his. Stealing is the own reward of its, so whilst he’s the chance the retraining is not gon na be anyplace.

Either resist snacking on the couch or even place him in another area entirely. Resist the urge to place him in the crate of his (UNLESS he is taught to go in happy and willing to be there). In case not, crating him to avoid him getting the snack is actually a type of punishment which is going to make him see the crate as being a prison.

Living in Harmony

You will find a variety of items you are able to do.

> Clicker training. Clicker education teaches a dog there is a guaranteed address in the offing as he runs a desired action.

> Negative association. You find the idea… a kind of poor cop / great cop regime.

> Offer an answer. It will help to provide him an option to stealing the snack. In case you have settled down to a great movie, why don’t you settle him on the cushion of his with a Kong stuffed with yummy goodies – that should keep him active for some time.

Remember, food is actually a higher value resource – so make use of this to the advantage of yours. What about the meantime stay away from conflict by not placing temptation in the path of his.