The vast majority of us know different facts about the cocker spaniel, however, not all of us understand the English cocker spaniel; actually, numerous people are actually unaware that there are actually 2 kinds of cocker spaniels at all.

Most purebred dogs are actually at risk of having hereditary health issues and the English cocker spaniel is able to provide with highly detrimental weather. One condition that is common among this particular breed is actually progressive retinal atrophy which could leave the dog blind or perhaps with visual impairments. Last but not least, English cocker spaniels are able to suffer from progressive ear infections which may lead to hearing loss, especially in multi colored canines. To make sure that your pet isn’t at risk to any of those issues, it’s crucial that the breeder offer you a wellness assurance on the pups.

The Personality
This particular animal is extremely affectionate, cheerful, and extremely devoted to the owners of his. This particular breed is also a great watchdog due to his aware nature as well as want to protect the family of his.

Final Words On the Matter
Using the info above you are able to make an educated decision as to whether or perhaps not this particular breed is suited to the specific needs of yours.