Though this’s a great breed, it’s various specific needs that future users must be conscious of. Among the very first things that prospective users really should understand is the fact that this particular dog is able to be extremely big. It’s very common to get a Cane Corso weighing 120 excess fat. This particular dog was bred to guard their owner ‘s property as well as to hunt big game.

This particular breed of dog has a substantial head and a big body which is actually rectangular in shape.

Seasoned Owners

This particular breed isn’t appropriate for a brand new owner, or maybe an owner that doesn’t have a great deal of experience. Individuals who have generally owned small breeds or maybe gentle breeds such as for instance retrievers or maybe toy breeds shouldn’t get a Cane Corso. This particular dog isn’t just sensible and powerful, though it’s also really headstrong as well as stubborn at times.

Though the Cane Corso is going to love and protect the family of his, you shouldn’t look for him to display numerous signs of affection. You are going to notice he wants to often be near you, though you don’t have to lavish him with a lot of interest.


It’s crucial that your Cane Corso is actually socialized at an early age. Make sure you get the dog of yours from a breeder that has elevated the puppy in the house. It will make certain that the dog of yours will be familiar with typical household noises, scents and sights. Continue the socialization abilities by enlisting the puppy of yours in an obedience class.

You are able to then start introducing him to various other family members, friends and neighbors. Bring him along with you whenever you go on an errand. By doing this, he is going to learn to realize who and what are actually a part of the life of yours, and the situations which must be considered threats.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to recall that no depth of socialization is going to make him incredibly helpful with any individuals outside of the family group. These dogs are extremely protective, along with guarding you are going to be the first priority of his.