The right way to kiss her… push her up against the wall, hold her hands above her head and kiss her like you mean It.

One kiss on the forehead Is much sweeter than a thousand kiss on the lips. No lust but full of love and respect.

Remember, were madly In love, so It’s alright to kiss me anytime you feel like It.

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you. When I met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you. – Rene Yasenek
Guys who kiss girls on the forehead are the sweetest and the best gentlemen you can ever have.

She loved mysteries so much that she became one.

You’re the one I kiss, you’re the one I hug, your the one I hold, because you’re the one I love.