Recently I have a call from an eighty year old female with an eight month good old high drive German Shepherd. energy dogs that are Low with lower power owners!

You will find others but you receive the concept. In both of these distinct cases they got the canines as presents from the kids of theirs.

What were they thinking?

These ladies couldn’t handle these dogs. Actually going for walks was a big issue. The women were being knocked down, scratched as well as mouthed so poorly that their arms have been a mess with scratches and cuts.

Once again these’re just two recent examples. Over the years I’ve noticed this exact same story again and again.

So I requested the person with the shepherd exactly why she have a shepherd. This occurred in the really distant past when she was Much younger.

Big high drive dogs require training and exercise. Additionally, they call for an owner which has the power and power to manage, teach and take care of a dog this way.

So what dog type must a reduced power person own? That all will depend on how low power you’re. But for simplicity let us talk about these women in the 70 ‘s as well as 80 ‘s.

Because these ladies aren’t out walking on day basis and they also do not jog I believe a decent guess would be they require a dog loves to remain in the lap of theirs. Yes they require a dog that doesn’t need long walks.

These ladies each desired a dog to provide them a thing to love and take care of. A dog enables elders to feel really needed and loved.

Simply since you owned a big dog in the past doesn’t mean that’s the best dog for you now.

One last thing. You’re most likely wondering what occurred to the 2 dogs we’ve been speaking about in this post. Well I manage to enable them to find a brand new forever home for the two canines.