That’s a great question and one that’s asked fairly often. The answer is dependent on you and just how much patience you are going to have with home knowledge and training a brand new puppy. Puppies may be a great deal of work and need a lot of your energy and time to soak them out of trouble.

In case you go to any kind of shelter or maybe rescue you are going to see a lot of dogs that are actually in the twelve – eighteen month age group. Why are a lot of canines which age in the protection?

At this point do not get me wrong pups are actually adorable and they could be a good deal of fun in case you’re up the struggle. In case you’re not up to the struggle perhaps an older dog will be much better for you.

Based on your activity level you might actually wish to contemplate a senior dog.

They do not need as much exercise as possibly a pup or perhaps a two year old dog so they’re good for a senior citizen.