Love Is like a chewing gum. It tastes only In the beginning! But friendship Is like chocolate. It tastes till It Ends!. Happy Chocolate Day!

True happiness will be found only In true love but a chocolate can deliver It Happy Chocolate Day!

Love, like hot chocolate, takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time. Happy Chocolate day to my dear Valentine.

Hey, It’s chocolate day and I am sending you a wish dipped In chocolate and sprinkled with love, may you always be smiling. Happy Chocolate Day.

Although no chocolates can compete with your sweetness but I love sharing them with you, Happy Chocolate Day love!

Life Is like a chocolate box, each chocolate Is like a portion of life, some are crunchy, some r nutty, some r soft, but all r Delicious. Happy Chocolate Day.

Pyar ka tyohar hai aaya, sang apne hai khushiya laya. Aao mil kar manaye ise, koi bhi rang na rahe feeka, par sabse pehle karlo kuch much meetha. Happy Chocolate Day.