Your kiss beats every sweet thing that Is found on the earth!

There are tulips In my garden, there are tulips In the perk, but nothing Is more beautiful than our two lips meeting In the dark! Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss day is one of the amazing 7 days of love, it is celebrated on 13th February 2017. As we know that kiss is a symbol of love and all the lovers wait for this amazing day to celebrate.

The best things In life can never be kept, they must be given away. A smile, a kiss & love. Happy Kiss Day!

I never thought that love could feel like this. Then you changed my world with just one kiss. Happy Kiss Day.

Kiss Is sweet, a sweet gesture of love, a gratitude of respect and the attitude of love. Happy Kiss Day.

When you and I meet, I came to know that you are soo sweet, when our lips meet, our love gets complete.