The warmth when you lay down in my lap is the comfort I ever needed when I am loaded with stress. Your cute meows and purrs just chase the weariness away. Happy birthday, little one.

My favorite part of the day is when I go home to your warm head rubs and when you lay down on my lap. You always make day brighter. Wonderful birthday, fuzzy fur ball!

When you came into my life, I thought it will only be scratches, hairball, and pet food. But I was wrong; it turned out to be quite a comfort having you around. In spite of the damage to my properties, the love you have given me outweighs all of it. Best birthday, little fur ball.

If cats have nine lives, I wish for you to have 99 more each year. I cannot imagine a world without you, little fur ball. Happy birthday.

At first, I thought I got myself a pet, but it turns out that after a while, I realized that I got myself a master instead! Wonderful birthday, little boss.

Even though you order me around like boss, nudging me with your head for food and scratches, I still love you like nothing else in this world. Nothing can match your adorable slow blinks, your purrs and your cute meows. Best bday, little master.

You get to play with me all the time, you get to sleep beside me every night and you receive affectionate rubs from me anytime you want. That’s why my boyfriend is jealous of you from having all these privileges. Wonderful bday, my sweet fur ball.