I am sending you my best wishes, and my endless love. Because this is what special people like you deserve. Happy birthday!

One of the things I love most about you is that you are always yourself. Never let anyone or anything change you because it is your originality that makes you so special. Happy birthday!

Today is the only day where you can do whatever you want, for 24 hours, and you deserve it, hands down. Because you, my dear friend, are extremely special. Happy birthday!

My dear friend, may this coming year, bring you more happiness than you could have ever possibly imagined. Because this is what a special person like you deserves. Happy birthday!

Seeing you grow up, I could not help but remember the day we first met. That day has truly changed my life by an enormous amount. And for that, I thank you, and happy birthday!

Ever since I met you, you have shown me how it is to care endlessly for someone, no matter what happens. You being in my life truly is a gift. Happy birthday!

For this special day, of this very special person, I can only say one thing. I truly hope that every single one of your dreams come true because you deserve it. Happy birthday!