Reasons you will survive Monday: -coffee –wearing  pants not fatal – new week chance to screw up In exciting new ways – Funny Internet memes won’t post themselves, you know – More Coffee

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.

Hello Monday wishing you a really great week.

Good morning happy Monday my perfect day starts with cup of coffee.

It’s Monday. I have coffee. Boom!

Good morning, Happy Monday.

Hello Monday.

Monday motivation: look at you! Being kind of awake and stuff. You are reading words and probably aren’t even stabbing anyone right now! You deserve a coffee, you magnificent little sunbeam!

Happy Monday. Good Morning…..

May the Monday blue’s slide away with your morning coffee have a wonderful day.

Good morning Happy Monday. May your cup overlow with love, joy, peace and pure awesomeness.

Coffee because Monday happens every week!

A coffee to start the week.

Happy Monday! Good morning world!