Whether It Is Monday or Sunday, remember that god loves you enough to wake you up to a new day every day. Happy Monday!

It’s Monday. Set the tone for this week with a good workout and a healthy meal. Your goals are met with small, daily choices. You’ve got this!

Hello Monday wishing you a really great week.

Happy Monday wishing you an amazing week beautiful! The best qualities of an attractive person are: kind heart loving spirit and positive attitude.

It’s Monday. I’m alive. I’m breathin. I’m blessed. Life Is good.

Train your mind to see the good In everything. Happy Monday!

Good morning, let all those you encounter leave happier and better than they were before: have gentleness In your eyes loving-kindness In your smile. Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Wishing you a wonderful week!

It’s Monday. It’s the start of a new week. Dog Is doing a new things. New doors. New breaks. Prepare your mind for blessings. Enlarge you vision.