Beagles are actually a little to medium size dog which were initially bred as scenthounds and maintain an excellent track record of sniffing stuff out. Whilst this info might be generally known,we have delved serious to take you some lesser and interesting known info about the Beagle breed.

This might seem incredibly apt for anybody with awareness of the breed as they’re widely known for being extremely vocal!

Popular Beagles

Probably the most prominent Beagle of them all is actually Snoopy, Charlie Brown ‘s lovable companion that 1st produced an appearance in 1950.



The most effective breeding pairing is actually believed to be a female that’s somewhat bigger compared to a male but provided that the men are almost always bigger than the females then this’s not forever by far the most readily accessible pairing!

Beagles And Bed Bugs

Though seemingly independent they’re a dog that’s usually more comfortable whenever they sense or even understand that others are close by.

Beagle Strengths

Apart from being recognised as very good Police dogs as well as bug specialists due to the impressive sense of theirs of smell, Beagles are usually known to be great when utilized as therapy dogs because of their kind and sweet nature.

Sadly the results in power in the fragrance division has led to them currently being utilized disproportionately when you are looking at animal testing of things.