Not even my forgetfulness, nothing in this world can keep us apart – because I am your lover boy and you are my sweetheart. Belated happy birthday.

Please don’t let one date come in the way of our magical destiny and beautiful fate. I am sorry, belated happy birthday.

Birthdays are never meant to be forgotten but cute boyfriends like me are meant to be forgiven. Belated happy birthday.

I am drowning, gasping for air. Your heartbreak, I just can’t bear. I am the culprit, for I forgot your birthday. I hope my belated greetings, make you smile away.

True love is when happiness overpowers sadness and forgiveness triumphs over forgetfulness. Since ours is true love, please forgive me, my princess. Belated happy birthday.

Soft kisses, tender hugs, cute cuddles, expensive gifts and romantic dates. I will do everything to make up for wishing you late. Happy birthday.

Over the years, I have had a number of friends, but none ever made me feel as happy as you make me feel. I am so lucky to have a friend. Happy belated birthday.